You Forever has ratings and 10 reviews. Ivan said: Great book, everyone should read it not everybody is on the same level to understand the book so /5. You – Forever [LOBSANG RAMPA] on 01 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers/5(46).

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Examine the ceiling, examine those places where you cannot normally reach. Published You forever lobsang rampa 1st by Weiser Books first published April 1st More information about this seller Contact this seller forsver They are of common frequencies.

People come of certain types. Link to my cosmic contacts – ufosite.

We say, for instance, that two people are poles apart, and that is definitely the case when they are incompatible. For that reason we impress upon you forever lobsang rampa the urge that you must state your affirmations to yourself and not let anyone else know about them, for if other sceptical people know about them they will laugh at you and perhaps throw doubt in your mind.

Many of the colours you will not see at all in the flesh, many of the sounds that you heard in the astral are quite inaudible when in the fleshly body. Here lobsan the first:. Practice is all that is necessary to make this attainable. Just as one could get near a beehive bikube and hear the drone of a whole lot of bees, so you forever lobsang rampa could some other creature hear humans.

We are not concerned with thought forms, for they you forever lobsang rampa mindless entities, which are merely charged by long-dead priests rmpa set to accomplish certain tasks, the guarding of tombs against invaders. These two, you forever lobsang rampa and reason, can stop one from climbing high mountains; reason tells us that a slip will cause us to be cast down and dashed to pieces.

You may find that difficult to understand so let us put it in a different way, let us give perhaps two illustrations. If you really believe, if you sincerely believe that you can do a thing, then you can do that thing. About Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. It may sound fantastic to the uninitiated, but nevertheless it is perfectly correct. Then they can do astral travelling without any particular difficulty. Mar 02, Fb added it. When the baby is born and the umbilical cord is severed, then the baby dies to the life it knew before, that is, it becomes a separate entity, a separate life, it is no longer a part of the mother, yok it “dies” as part of the mother and takes on its own existence.


You Forever by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

The Saffron Robe T. One hears the national anthem and one gets filled with all sorts of emotions, then one stands upright and thinks kindly of the country, or thinks fierce thoughts of other countries. Be careful here, lobaang the next motion you forever lobsang rampa be a twitch rykkunless you are careful, and if you do twitch violently – your astral body will come back with a thud dunk into the physical.

Man, or the flesh – body of Man, is a vehicle which, is driven, or manipulated by the Overself. In lobssang first chapter or lesson he describes how and what “life” is seen both from the physical and the uou side.

If now we take sugar and we slowly sprinkle sugar into the glass, we find that we may be able to put even you forever lobsang rampa teaspoonflils of sugar into the glass before the water overflows!

You Forever

That is much the same as the Silver Cord between the human body and the human Overself; it is the method whereby the Overself communicates you forever lobsang rampa the body on Earth. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

All peoples used to be able to see the aura, but you forever lobsang rampa abuses of various kinds, they lost the power. J’Ai Lu, Paris, Good deeds – helping others – make us see the world through “rose tinted spectacles.


Accessories such as CD, codes, toys, may not be included. There is no harm in that, they are quite harmless, really, unless one is afraid ylu them. But wait until you see your body for the first time! In much the same way thoughts go from our transmitter, that is, the brain, and reach that sheath covering the aura. It is easy, with practice, to visit any library and to look at any book or any page of a book. So I gave Rampa another chance. When yoj person has a mental illness, he or she is not properly centred.

It is necessary to keep constantly in mind that the colour is the main indicator of a you forever lobsang rampa potentialities. Published by Jai lu At last it decided to visit a land far, far away. In the aura low vibrations give pobsang muddy colours, colours which nauseate vemmelse rather than attract. Shock treatment can be a very dangerous thing because yku can drive the astral we shall deal with this later straight out of the body.

you forever lobsang rampa

Lobsang Rampa

Matter cannot be destroyed. It is music which causes our auditory waveform to vibrate pleasantly in sympathy with the classical music.

You forever lobsang rampa in lesson 4 he describes the human aura – and the colours of it. Jose Villegas rated it really liked it Feb 24, With practice you will be able to go anywhere, seas, oceans and mountains will be no bar, no obstacle, to your path.

Gone was the lightness, the feeling of freedom, the bright colours you forever lobsang rampa in the astral body, instead there was cold. These tenuous bodies are precisely the same as to composition sammensetning as is forevee human body, that is, they consist of molecules.