NADI ASTROLOGY Prasana A Contemporary Treatise UMANG TANEJA . This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. Vedic Nadi Astrology Books written by Shri Umang Taneja “Accurate Predictive Methodology” ” The Textbook of Astrology” “Marriage and Relationships”. Mr. Umang Taneja out prediction results on the basis of 12 planets, 27 Nakshatras His writing methodology in astrology books is quite easy to keep remember.

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If she is too young then the events may not be too much to rectify Horoscope in such tanja case astrologer resorts to Horary Horoscope and the answer coming from the Horary Horoscope should umang taneja books relied upon. Next Faneja was of Mars which signifies 5,9,10,11 strongly. Moon – Venus period shows bickering in married life. These planets also signify houses 2,4,9,11 therefore native will be successful examination.

After the prediction by astrologer if the native asks about the married life of the daughter then the same Horoscope has to be referred to for the prediction about the married life of his daughter. Cuspal Sub lord of 4 th House is also Rahu. We also come across natives in peculiar circumstances when umang taneja books native belongs to well to do family umang taneja books native bopks provided with all the means of education but the native has no inclination for education.

He can have two separate questions umang taneja books about the profession and marriage of his daughter etc.

Nadi Astrology and Professions: Umang Taneja: : Books

Cuspal Sub lord of umang taneja books 3 rd house is Venus which is neither positive nor negative. Favourable Nakshatra here umang taneja books means Nakshatra of a Planet that signifies event. Illustration- 10 When will I change the residence? Natal Horoscope Date. Now one thing should be carefully noted here that the involvement of House 12 would not be there since the native makes no expense in this regard.




Combination 5,8,12 is evident if Planet and Nakshatra are put together. He was the most God fearing and down to earth person I have ever known. Jupiter signifies 3,5,10,11 in IMakshatra signifying sale of property at higher price to that particular person. Place – Delhi Seed – Seed 5 nirayanabhavachal. Marriage in Foreign Land or with Foreigner: House 1 is also repeated in many Planets. Further success will be achieved in in the Bhukti of Rahu which signifies all positive Houses 1,3,4,5,9,10, Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Two days in the Umang taneja books boosted our confidence to a great extent as we could read umang taneja books, present and future through Horary very well. Research is an ongoing process and scope of improvement umang taneja books always there. If it does not allow the event we should check the “next Dasa and so on. The question is change of umang taneja books to a place of better infrastructure. Mer 2Y 6M Dasa of Mercury was in operation at the time of asking the question.

Partnership It is a common question people normally ask as to whether I should do partnerships or not?

Pluto is a kin of Mars but it signifies group activity. Boos served his father, mother, mother -in – law in their old ages.

Next Bhukti is of Mars which signifies 7,11,12 in Nakshatra and Sub umang taneja books hence Mars is very positive for marriage.


Dear Sir, I come to Mumbai to teach not to Ahmedabad.



Getting Lost Property or Money In case native has lent taenja to someone or has lost money or an item then 5,8,12 in following DBA signifies loosing it and when in the following DBA 2,6,10,11 nooks signified native gets the money or item back. First Bhukti will be of Mars itself and next Bhukti is of Rahu which signifies 3, The period in this case was a year and a half i. It is very predictive with no confusion. Natal Astrology is confined only to the events of life of a native but Horary Astrology answers to Mundane questions and also questions related to politics: Next Dasa is of Mercury which also signifies 6,10,11 and 3,9, Jup 7Y 7M 23D Astrologer should understand this very well that the native is asking the transfer to umang taneja books place or away from the native place.

The native also wins the case if 10,11 or 6,10 or 1,6 are signified in subsequent DBA. Planets Tanejja malefic Rahu, Ketu, Saturn promote litigations by umang taneja books native or against the native. Sun signifies 1,10 in Planet and 5,8,11 in Nakshatra and Imang lord. Dasa lord also signifies combination umang taneja books of strong umang taneja books therefore there is all the possibility that she will marry sheikh. Astrology marriage and relationship Through either cash on delivery or vpp basis sir.