The Twenty-Sixth Dictum. Zenon saith: I perceive that you, O crowd of the Wise, have conjoined two bodies, which your Master by no means ordered you to do! Turba Philosophorum (Assembly of the Philosophers) One of the most authoritative and oldest European alchemy texts, dating from the twelfth century AD. It . Buy Turba Philosophorum on 01 FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders/5(2).

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The Philosophers turba philosophorum constituted this short dictum the principle of the work for reasonable persons. How ambiguous hast thou made thy book, and how obscure are thy words! Then pound the same turba philosophorum Water of Pbilosophorum until it is thick like grease, and cook again in a very bright fire until the spissitude of turba philosophorum body is destroyed, the water being rejected.

But the Philosophers, turba philosophorum him turned into blood, leave him in the sun for certain days, until the lenitude is consumed, the blood philodophorum up, and they find that venom which now is manifest. Then mix it with milk of the fig, and cook it till that moisture be dried up in the composite, which afterwards mix with milk of the root of grass, and again cook until it be dry. Then imbue with permanent water, and the more the colours vary turba philosophorum the more suffer them to be heated.

Mundus saith to the Turba: Seek, therefore, your intent in the said water; therein place what is in the turba philosophorum for days and nights, until it turba philosophorum clothed with a most precious Tyrian colour. I swear to you that if kings were familiar with it, none of us would ever attain this thing. Again cook until it be deprived of moisture, turba philosophorum become dry. For this God has appointed the Sun to be the light of the world, by reason of the turba philosophorum nature of the Sun.

The definition of death is turba philosophorum disjunction of the composite, but there is no disjunction of that which is simple, for it is one. Turba philosophorum, therefore, is sufficient for those who deal with the Art of Coins, because one thing makes it but many operate therein. These things being accomplished, open the vessel, and ye will find that which ye purposed. But the lower air is thicker than the upper air, and the upper air is more rare and subtle, being nearer to the fire than the lower air.


Take, turba philosophorum, the vapour which the Ancients commanded you to take, and cook the same with its own body until tin is produced.

It is comparable with the complexion of Spring, in the distinction of time, which is neither warm nor cold. But for us it is a thing which we reverence. The yolk also of the egg represents fire; the cortex which contains the yolk corresponds to that other air which separates the water from the fire.

In nothing, however, look beyond this, since the two quicksilvers are also one. For by this regimen the composite is prepared, and the turba philosophorum part of its nature is extracted.

But the point of the Sun, these four excepted, is in the centre of the yolk, and this is the chicken.

turba philosophorum Because it was necessary that one should become tingeing, and that the other should be tinged, for the spirit being separated from the body and hidden in the other spirit, both become volatile. I will repeat my words in Tyrian dye. Cook them, philosoporum, successively until they become converted, and a powder. And know that unless ye diligently pound turba philosophorum thing in the fire, the Ethelia does not ascend, but when that does not ascend ye achieve nothing.

Take, he tells us, the stone of gold, combine with humour which is permanent water, set in its vessel, over a gentle fire until turba philosophorum takes place. But the point of the Sun, these turba philosophorum philosophofum, is in the centre of the yolk, turba philosophorum this is the chicken.

I once met with a person who was as well acquainted with the elements as I myself, but when he proceeded to rule this disposition, he attained not to the joy thereof by reason of his sadness and ignorance in ruling, and excessive eagerness, desire, and haste concerning the purpose.

In these words there is shewn forth unto you the whole work.

Turba Philosophorum – Wikipedia

For when the fire is kindled the vinegar ascends, because its spiritual nature passes into the air, wherefore, I turba philosophorum you to keep that part separately. But as for the statement of thrba Philosopher that the tingeing agent and that which is to be tinged are made one tincture, it refers to a spirit concealed turba philosophorum another humid spirit.


The angels, turba philosophorum, are not created out of thick fire, but out of the thinnest of very thin fire; being created, then, of that which is most simple and yurba thin, they neither eat, drink, nor sleep.

But when thus he divided the work, he signified commingling, cooking, assimilating, roasting, heating, whitening, pounding, cooking Ethelia, making rust or redness, and tingeing. By all these names is that operation called which has pounded and whitened turba philosophorum. And if ye cook still more, it becomes red, when if ye proceed to turba philosophorum, it becomes gold.

If this air did not exist, the earth turba philosophorum not remain above the humid water. Cook strongly, and imbue with the gum that remains.

Turba Philosophorum (part 2)

Now, therefore, I have notified to you the power of orpiment, which is the woman by whom is accomplished tura most great arcanum. Over these let us meditate very carefully.

Then take the water which turba philosophorum had divided into two parts, turba philosophorum which one is for liquefying and cooking the body, but the second is for cleansing that which hpilosophorum already burnt, and turba philosophorum companion, which [two] are made one.

Tell us, therefore, what is this humidity?

For he who cooks with the Sun is himself congealed, and that signal whiteness causes it to overcome the terrene fire. Cook further until it be coagulated, and contain itself. O what marvellous natures, which have transformed the soul of turba philosophorum old man into a juvenile body, and the father is made into the son! But when I inquired of him concerning the growth and the increment, he turba philosophorum that pure whiteness, thinking that the same is turba philosophorum without any laborious disposition.

Have ye not seen how thrice-great Hermes infused the red into the body, and it was changed into an invariable colour? Reduce, therefore, the same by means of cooking into a humour, until the hidden nature turba philosophorum.