Find genuine OEM Rational SCCE replacement parts at Parts Town with the largest in-stock inventory and same day shipping until 9pm ET. Product:Rational SCCWEE Combi Oven Brand:Rational – Browse This Rational SCCE Self Cooking Centre Combination Oven with Whitefficiency. Electric, Capacity: 10 x 1/1 or 20 x 1/2 GN, table-top unit for around meals per day.

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Your Self Cooking Centre can rational scc101e, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch and poach. An additional external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is not required for this air rational scc101e hood. Ideal for roasting, braising, pan frying and baking. Its excellent heat conductivity will give you optimal browning and crispiness every time.

Rational SCCE | 10 Grid Electric Combination Ovens / Steamers | CAS

Imagine a range of cooking equipment rational scc101e grills, pans, pots, fryers and roasting platters – condensed into 1 unit less than 1 metre square. Uniform and gentle cooking process rational scc101e appetising colours, crunch and the retained nutrients and vitamins.

The external measurements of the oven are mm h x mm w x mm d ratiinal the net weight is kilos and the packed weight for shipping is kilos. Today you only need these 4 rational scc101e assistance functions that rational scc101e you the perfect support in your kitchen. Spotless, no-effort hygiene at the touch of a button.

View All Refrigeration Equipment 16 Rational scc101e. Rational Rational scc101e – An added benefit, it enables easy access to cleaning underneath or behind the unit. Different cross-sections for universal use and uniform browning on all sides. Of course you can also operate the SelfCookingCenter manually.


The chickens rational scc101e arranged vertically, creating particularly succulent breast ratkonal combined with crispy and uniformly browned skin. Please select from the available options below: Application of the price match may be requested in writing.

The patented all-round appliance for premium quality. The bakery standard hanging racks and mobile oven racks are equipped with L-shaped racks. And it can do that regardless of whether you want to prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods or desserts, or 30 or several thousand meals.

Whether sensitive or robust – the right air speed for every food product. Products must be identical to products been price rational scc101e.

Rational SCC101E Parts & Manuals

Cubic Meter [m 3 ]: Optimum cooking rational scc101e climate. They are rational scc101e robust, making them ideal for the tough day-to-day requirements of the professional kitchen. Price match is at the discretion of Hopkins Catering Ltd at all times.

I want to shop by Category Brand. An external connection is required. The robust versions made from high-grade stainless steel meet the highest quality requirements. The extra tough rational scc101e castors allow for easy movement of the unit.

The Chicken Superspike is suitable for all types of chicken in various sizes. This unit is rational scc101e for heavy duty use and the rugged construction is of high gauge stainless steel.


RATIONAL SCC 101 SelfCookingCenter® 5Senses – whitefficiency – Electric

The additional transport trolley with its oversized, quiet and hygienic tandem castors CNS enables the food to be moved in to the kitchen safely.

The special non-stick coating guarantees that rational scc101e food will not stick. Rational xmm Muffin and Timbale Mould with 12 Moulds – No thanks Rational Thermocover For Model – It will perform any cooking operation on any food and save time and money on energy tational raw rational scc101e costs.

It has been developed by chefs for chefs. Simply prepare enough plates for your guests in advance, rational scc101e then store them refrigerated on mobile oven racks.

RATIONAL SCC SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses – Electric

The muffin and timbale mold is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties, ideal for ratiohal desserts and is extremely robust and easy to clean. The TriLax aluminium unperforated baking tray from Rational has optimum rational scc101e properties, it rational scc101e extremely robust and offers a long service life.

It can prepare completely different dishes on each of the 10 racks at the same time; each rack is monitored individually.