cer lo que Maquiavelo, Stanley Bing condensa las teorías del maestro en una estrategia general en la que un mínimo de sentimientos y un. Que haria Maquiavelo? (Zeta No Ficcion (Unnumbered)) (Spanish Edition) [Stanley Bing] on 01 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como llegaron hasta donde estan hoy los individuos ricos y poderosos que mueven el mundo?5/5(2).

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It is bijg of examples of business types who have made it through the top maquiavleo sociopathics and prefect selfishness Some of it actually already applies to me scary enough but it will take a little more time que haria maquiavelo stanley bing me to be as mean as this book requires These include Crazy Bosses, which, in mapping the relationship between pathology and power, predicted so much que haria maquiavelo stanley bing the current political climate; What Would Machiavelli Do, which addressed sfanley mean people often do better than nice ones; and most recently a comprehensive replacement for the traditional MBA program, The Curriculum.

Stanley Bing, in his little book, promotes being self-centered, egotistical, uncaring, meanness as a way of life that is supposed to bring with it stanlfy and power. It is full of examples of business types who have made it through the top through sociopathics and prefect selfishness Bing gleefully offers hard-boiled Machiavellian advice about whom to fire in a downsizing consultants first, secretaries lasthow to make employees love you “Give them perks I appreciate the ideas behind this book and a lot of it makes sense.

He will show to him how to defeat people more intelligent than you. Want to Read saving….


Doubtless hypocrisy on my part, but what can I say? See All Goodreads Deals….

It might be the funniest non-fiction book that I have ever read. Return to Book Page. A clever guy like him could really go places.

Lists with This Book. The basic theme is that the author is, tongue in cheek, advocating the adoption of total ruthlessness, abusiveness, and amorality as an interpersonal style.


Que Haria Maquiavelo? = What Would Machiavelli Do? by Stanley Bing

I’ve always enjoyed Machiavelli- Florentine Renaissance internecine politics is a good subject to study early in one’s career, but I’ve learned, being MEAN just get’s people mad. This was a really interesting book and very helpful in understanding business “princes”, a. There are no discussion topics on que haria maquiavelo stanley bing book yet. Algo triste pero cierto!! The problem for me is that after all the corporate and political scandals of the last eight years, after the Iraq war, it’s not very funny anymore, and I can’t read this without seeing the faces of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Delay, and a lot que haria maquiavelo stanley bing the business people with whom they were in bed, and those people aren’t funny at all.

Hablando por experiencia propia So while this book is quite funny and did make me laugh, it isn’t realistic in the slightest.

Algunos hasta son bajos que haria maquiavelo stanley bing feos. I get that it’s a joke, it’s just that it’s not actually that funny and became tiresome after the first few pages. Hablando por experiencia propia The book is basically a recipe of what to do if you plan on being a totally self-centered asshole with total disregard of other people.

¿Qué haría Maquiavelo?

Quotes from Que Wue Maquiav The book itself uses strong language in a lot of areas. Could you imagine going to work and yelling as often and as loudly as you wanted at everyone? The overriding lesson of this book is always to love yourself, never apologize for anything you do, and when all else fails, recognize that the truth is flexible, and so can be bent any way you want. There are those that you may know where you can just refer to them as Machiavelli now.

The basic joke is good for a little while, but not enough to sustain a whole book, and it’s been rendered hariz humorous by the events of the Bush years. The author’s stories about real Machiavellian managers running companies make the book great. Que haria maquiavelo stanley bing from Que Haria Maquiav El fin justifica la rudeza. Bing and the little people When I think of self-centered, egotistical, un-caring, mean persons, I cannot believe they know or have experienced much love, happiness, que haria maquiavelo stanley bing peace.


Being 14 years old at this point I think things have moved forward so that much of the humour in the sheer excess of certain actions have beco Fun little book that is disturbingly close to real life self-help books. The book is basically a recipe of what to do if hharia plan on being a totally self-centered asshole with total disregard of other que haria maquiavelo stanley bing. Without he points the finger of the morality. The aim justifies the rudeza. Abandoned at 50 pages.

Some until are low and ugly. I find it amazing maquiavepo many reviewers cannot see good sarcasm when it hits them in their head. And not one to read during election season, mind you, unless mild depression is your thing.

He credits everyone he deals with for his succcess and I think that’s admirable.


I feel que haria maquiavelo stanley bing it was written by a 15 year old angry teenager living with his parents who has smoked bibg bit too much weed, believes every conspiracy theory going and is avoided by girls for being a freak. This one is one of them. Only piece of advice I found worth remembering: Hilarious audiobook, interesting anecdotes, not sure about actual practical advice except maybe when you’re climbing the corporate ladder in a brutal environment.

Quite surprised I could not get into this book. In other words, try to behave, to be professional.