The Dell PowerEdge Me Modular Blade Enclosure is a breakthrough in enterprise server architecture. Built from the ground up to combat data center sprawl and IT. The Dell PowerEdge Me Blade Enclosure is a powerful, scalable and energy-efficient blade management solution for your data center. Shop 01

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We’re here pe m1000e blade enclosure you. The same is possible with servers in a blade-enclosure: Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Me Midplane Rear View All Me midplane enclosufe is fully isolated, supporting all chassis power, fabric, system management, and fault-tolerance requirements.

See the Technical Guide for each of the compatible blade servers offered for more details on processors and memory offered. Total aggregate bandwidth GB pe m1000e blade enclosure.

The original Me enclosures came with midplane version 1. Ultra dense servers, easy to deploy and manage, while minimizing energy and cooling consumption. Rack View Figure Apart from normal operation access to your blade servers e.

If a single power supply fails its output Oring FET for that power supply pe m1000e blade enclosure turn off removing itself from the bus. The efficiency of an air-moving device is defined as the work output PowerEdge Me Technical Guide ProDeploy Enterprise Suite helps you get more out of technology starting on day one.

Dell FlexIO modular switch technology lets you easily scale for additional uplink and stacking blsde. Power Supply Specifications, Figure Page 12 KVM between the blades. Dell Chassis Management Controller enables up to nine chassis blades located virtually anywhere in enclosur world to be managed through pe m1000e blade enclosure single browser-based interface.

Dell M1000e

Dell converged pe m1000e blade enclosure ethernet command reference pages. Easy to Use, Powerful Management Tools The Me helps reduce the ,1000e and complexity of managing computing resources so you can focus on growing your business or managing your organisation.

The LCD screen can also be used for the initial configuration of an unconfigured chassis.

A maximum of two on-blade hot-pluggable 2. Once the IP address is set or known the operator can access bblade webgui using the default root-account that is built in from factory. Page 71 Dell Appendix A. It also allows the network manager to aggregate uplinks from physically different switch-units into one logical link. pe m1000e blade enclosure

The new features are not available on the ‘original’ PCM Me Chassis comes standard with 9 hot pluggable, redundant fan modules Based on Energy Smart Technologies, Me fans are a breakthrough in power and cooling efficiency.

Easy to Use, Powerful Management Tools. Page 35 Re-installation of a fan will cause the rest of the fans to settle back to a quieter state. Blaee the bottom of pe m1000e blade enclosure enclosure there are 6 bays for power-supply units. Also since firmware 4. The blade servers, although following the traditional naming strategy e. You can stack up mm1000e 8 Catalyst switches to behave like one pe m1000e blade enclosure switch.

Centralised management controllers provide redundant, secure access paths for IT administrators to manage multiple enclosures and blades from a single console making the Me one of the easiest blade solutions to manage. Compared to previous generations of products, the fans have more levels of control and finer tuning of the pe m1000e blade enclosure behavior.

Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly enclodure which is best for your needs.

PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure

Dell CMC max 2 Minimum spec: For quick status checks, pe m1000e blade enclosure indicator light sits alongside the LCD display and is always visible, with a blue LED indicating normal operation and an orange LED indicating a problem of some kind.

For more information, visit dell. Pe m1000e blade enclosure 2 Dell disclaims proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Transform your data center. The rear-side is divided in 3 sections: One of the only blade solutions with an integrated KVM switch, enabling easy set up and deployment, and seamless integration into an existing KVM infrastructure.

The G offers 24 ports: As with all other non-Ethernet based switches it can only be installed in the B or C fabric of the Me enclosre as the A fabric connects to the “on motherboard” NICs of the blades and they only come as Ethernet NICs or converged Ethernet.

Page 32 Figure Power Supply Indicators Figure 5 shows the power supply indicators.

PowerEdge Me Blade Enclosure Details | Dell United States

For details, see the Technical Guide for each of the compatible blade servers offered. Status Messages Dell Appendix M100e. This is a port switch: When you buy a Dell server, you get pe m1000e blade enclosure than just hardware. It is important to note that the pe m1000e blade enclosure Control Panel also stores CMC configuration information, so it is advisable that customers keep a backup of the CMC configuration file.

Enclosuge Section 12 for more details. This can simplify the management of the switches and simplify the spanning tree topology as the combined switches are just one switch for spanning tree considerations. My Products and Services. Reproduction or translation of any part of this work beyond that permitted by U. Page 23 Figure