The Oneness of God (Series in Pentecostal Theology, Vol 1) [David K. Bernard] on 01 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. /5(67). Bernard, David K., The oneness of God. (Series in Pentecostal theology ; v. 1) Bibliography: p. 1. God. 2. treatment of the oneness of God in this book is.

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Tract – Acts 2: Please call for details. Covering events from the first century ad through the end of the twentieth century, the reader will find Adult – Student Handbook – Spring The language employed by Oneness Pentecostals oneness of god david bernard consistently more faithful to the plain words of the 66 books of the Old and the New Testament.

Dustin Ayers rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Some Christian heresies, including an emerging form of Gnosticism, were already incorporating these theories into their doctrines, and therefore relegating Jesus to an inferior role. View all 8 comments. Understanding is aimed for in this book. He is the Oneness of god david bernard of glory I Corinthians 2: Daughters Of The Promise – Paperback.

In other words, he asked that Jesus show them the Father and then they would be satisfied. Jesus said He would send the Comforter to us John Handbook on the Pentateuch. Although this copy is available on the Internet, this does not affect or reduce the copyright protection of this work.

Jesus obtained His divine nature through the conception process; He did not become divine by some later act of God. Our bodies are the temples of God I Corinthians 3: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It contains the message that I-and every Christian- should proclaim everyday. Essentials of Oneness Theology by David K. I love how he starts out with plain and bold scriptures. How and when did all of this oneness of god david bernard Volume Three is entitled In Search of Holiness.


But the truth of this mystery has been revealed to those who will believe. The Book of Colossians strongly berhard the deity of Christ. He should seek to understand the revealing of Jesus Christ in these future events.

Any errors in this scanned version of this book are not the responsibility of David K. The Bible teaches that Oneness of god david bernard is fully God and fully man. James Mason rated it it was amazing Jan 29, In Onenwss philosophy, the Logos came to mean reason or wisdom as the controlling principle of the universe.

The Oneness of God (Series in Pentecostal Theology, Vol 1)

Bernard, I felt that the author did a wonderful job explaining the Oneness of God. Aug 12, Devon rated it really liked it. James Davies rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Even today, many Jews cannot accept Jesus for this reason.

Every time he makes a statement it is followed with scripture davd an opinion backed by philosophies of men. Like many people today, Philip had not comprehended that the Father is an invisible Spirit and that the only way a person could ever see Him would be through the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus oneness of god david bernard like no other man that ever has been or will be.

The virgin birth kf Jesus establishes His deity.

The Oneness of God

In a conversation, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi told us he could never accept Jesus as God. A Handbook of Basic Doctrines. Jesus received His nature of deity as well as the nature of humanity at conception.


Thus, He must be Jehovah.

Oneness of God

Another time Jesus said Abraham slain Jesus is worthy to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessing Revelation 5: He is both Spirit and flesh, God and man, Father and Son.

The Apostolic Life by Gdo K. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Therefore, we find that Jesus has all the attributes and prerogatives that belong to God oneness of god david bernard. Jesus is the one God.

The verses of Scripture demonstrating that Jesus is the Father do not exhaust our proof that Jesus is the one God. Thus, these verses of Scripture all prove that Jesus is Jehovah.

Sing Unto the Lord – Songbook – Brown. The Logos is Hod expressed. This book is a must and as it will tod you it is a must to the Christian faith. The following abbreviations for various translations of the Bible are used throughout the book: Certainly the book is oneness of god david bernard prophecy of things to come, but one of the main reasons for this prophecy is to reveal Christ—to show who He really is.

It is true that we cannot comprehend fully how the miraculous conception—the union of God and man—took place in the womb of Mary, but we can accept it by faith. I will come oneness of god david bernard you.