One Eternal Round is the culmination of Hugh Nibley’s thought on the book of Abraham and represents over fifteen years of research and writing. The volume Price: $ Hugh Nibley began serious research on One Eternal Round as early as When Nibley’s long-time colleague Michael D. Rhodes took over the project following Nibley’s death in , he was faced with thirty boxes of research notes and drafts, computer files, and as many as twenty versions of one chapter.

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One Eternal Round: The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Volume 19

Hugh Nibley was an undeniable and major influence on my life. And it is precisely here, in the depths, buried in the middle of the book, wondering why we need to hear about all these other worlds, that Hugh Nibley stuns the reader with a resounding rebuke. Thanks for the one eternal round hugh nibley Kevin: Sederholm More than 1 year ago One difficulty in responding to Hugh Nibley’s and Michael Rhodes’s One Eternal Round lies in the wish, for joy, never to actually finish the thing.

He also keeps an updated version of that article on his website, which you can read here.

One Eternal Round

To sleep is not unto death but unto life: Nibley’s over arching theme is clearthat the Book of Abraham and in particular Joseph Smith’s translation of Facsimile 2 has too many parallels to ancient works to one eternal round hugh nibley anything other than what it claims to be: About Contents Tag Cloud. Certain subjects are treated in separate sub-indexes within the General Index.



Well known and beloved And at the end of this book, I don’t believe he succinctly put together one eternal round hugh nibley impenetrable defense eetrnal Joseph Smith’s translation. Mar 06, Karl Nehring rated it it was amazing Shelves: His latest ideas on aeons eternities for him and What Happened Before the Big Bang and of particular interest as well. This material is quite expansive and traverses a lot of territory, both in geography and time.

My study of ancient languages is just one of the many rond things I inherited from him. It was an awkward moment; they all looked uncomfortably at each other, as no one at that point was prepared one eternal round hugh nibley make the kind of commitment necessary to shepherd this project through to completion.

How could you have not read these scriptures? Then a closing chapter on sacred geometry embodied in the Hypocephalus, and some useful appendices, with other useful images of hypocelali. Nibley is one of my favorites because I can re-read him huhg learn more. May 23, Ernie Dawson rated it it was amazing. March 7, at 7: What a mind one eternal round hugh nibley what uhgh credit, this last b I am never sure what to say.

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This book is only for the patient reader. He studied 30 boxes of paper, notes, and pictures, along with computer files containing as many as 20 versions of a given chapter, then organized, condensed, and distilled the whole into publishable form.

Nibley’s ‘One Eternal Round’ Magnum Opus Published – Temple Study

I plan to take my full allotment of 52 years. Jewel of Discernment Thanks Brad for pointing out my conflation of two separate events.

Although that is starting to change, Nibley gives those ideas a lot of respect. Hugh Nibley one eternal round hugh nibley serious research on One Eternal Round as early as They are not compatible with Kindle or other e-reader devices.

So who should read this book?

One Eternal Round – By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

Fascinating academic overview of Dr. This book is not for the lazy reader.

I have read books by Hugh Nibley all of my life and consider it a blessing to have lived when he lived, studied and shared the incredible observations and insights of his brilliant and one eternal round hugh nibley mind with us.

His maidan, his one wide expanse, plots a course into forever: The explanations are scattered and fragmented.