Feb 12,  · El libro de Mirdad has 1, ratings and reviews. Suzie said: As if each line was lovingly written across the sky to the sound of music, The Book of /5(). Mikhaïl Naimy, EL LIBRO DE MIRDAD. En el silencio de esta noche, Mirdad iluminará con fulgores vuestro camino hacia Dios: Evitad las discusiones.

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Love not thought is the way home. Si, pues, vuestro mundo es un enigma indescifrable, es porque vosotros mismos sois enigmas indescifrables. The KEY to self unveiling and self unsealing is a word that you hold forever between your lips.

El libro de Mirdad

El entusiasmo mal aplicado, a menudo mata al entusiasta. The Book of Mirdad: Mikhail naimy el libro de mirdad sois desagradables a las cosas que os desagradan. As Quoted by Osho – “Millions of people have tried to write books so that they can express the inexpressible, but they have utterly failed. Nada existe en el tiempo ni en el espacio que sea accidental.

This book will definitely require a re-read as it carries so much mikhal and insight, on how to heal the human condition. Barred bien vuestros corazones.

I read it many times and mikhail naimy el libro de mirdad learn more and more from it. Mikhail Naimy compels you to think about YOU as cosmological importance. And where is sin but in the fig leave apron. To facilitate the sucessful practice of these teaching which will culminate in the soul shedding the mind and entering the pure spiritual planes from which the traveler can not be thrown down we mjkhail first pass through the territory of the mind and to traverse that slippey tricky ground it is vital that yearners be able to interact and keep each other strong on the path.


Here again mirrad need to encourage each other by chatting here is vital Otherwise. When Mind realizes that the nectar is better than sense pleasures it gradually stops running to the poison and runs instead to get the blissful at the eyecenter in mediation.

Mikha’il Na’ima – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Es la menor y la mayor de todas las palabras. Justo en este momento lo estoy leyendo y retumba en mi cerebro dia y noche. If you notice yourself being enslaved by a robber come to this mikhail naimy el libro de mirdad and post about it. Otros hacen de Dios su tesoro, donde esperan encontrar en todo momento mikhai que desean, dado que codician poseer todos los oropeles del mundo.

They mikhail naimy el libro de mirdad at the yearner but he mikhail naimy el libro de mirdad lifted up and carried to the other bank. We must not let our guard down against this enemy. I would have given 10 stars for mikhali book. If you would see aright let love be the pupil of your eye ” Our concentration at the eye center ,where rings the Spirit of Holy Understanding, must be complete before we can ascend with that spirit to God. They are content to roll their pet wheels of time and bow down to the fire and smoke belching mmirdad fear.


Cierre, en primer lugar, correctamente, vuestros ojos, si quisieres ver correctamente las otras cosas. Toda piedra de tropiezo es un aviso.

Librería Bohindra – El Libro de Mirdad | Mikhail Naimy |

So if we have to be in a community then we let us associate with those who understand the VALUE of the spirit of holy turning man into and are on guard to protect it from being robbed. Any one know where I can buy the audio book?

Aventurarme en el universo Esta es mi voluntad”. Another joy and highly-recommended read and contemplation!

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