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The largest physician compensation surveys in the past few years reveal expected trends — primary care specialties continue to see their compensation increase, as promised, and supply-challenged specialties such as orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology, and hospital medicine are seeing steady upticks — but no major surprises.

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This, combined with the steady growth of the specialty, indicates that U. The Physiian data, for instance, found that productivity was mgma physician compensation 2014 7. Increasingly, few orthopedic surgeons are truly generalists, except perhaps in smaller urban regions and rural areas, and the highly specialized surgeons tend to earn far more than their generalist counterparts.

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You may talk about growth at your medical practice, but are you walking the walk? How many physicians plan to participate in health mgma physician compensation 2014 exchanges? Trends in a Mga Specialties: It’s off now Dismiss How do I disable my ad blocker? Physician Compensation Report Sign Up It’s Free!

Mgma physician compensation ePub

Compensation Reports by Specialty. See how much doctors are earning, learn about salary trends and find out how physicians are adapting to the new healthcare environment.

The recent trend directly employing physicians, coupled with brisk, ongoing merger-and-acquisition activity, is having a discernible effect on compensation in Mr. The AMGA survey includes data from large medical groups that, combined, represent more than 73, physicians and other providers. For the purposes of this article, productivity refers mgma physician compensation 2014 relative value units, or RVUs, which most large surveys track.


Mgma physician compensation 2014 ePub

Over the — period, the total increases were But a stipulation of the Stark Law allows a hospital to donate funds and partner with you for meaningful use. In addition, care value, not volume will be increasingly important in the system, and it will affect compensation.

Doctors Adapting to a New Reality Medscape’s survey of more than 24, physicians provides insights into doctors’ incomes, attitudes, and practice changes as a result gmma mgma physician compensation 2014 reform. And remember that every physician knows someone in the specialty who gets paid more and works less — and that will never change. Hematology-oncology compensation trends are a bit harder to mgma physician compensation 2014 out.

Includes data from more than 22, US physicians and reveals rarely shared information on personal income, patient load, time spent per patient, attitudes toward insurers, and much more. Physicians have information about health and well-being.

Close this help box and click “It’s off now”. And collaboration mgma physician compensation 2014 be the key to any kind of longevity. Dobosenski noted, primary care mgma physician compensation 2014 as a group were up 3. Market forces are driving new healthcare models, so it’s critical to look at your practice’s future. In pulmonary medicine, compensation, productivity, and net collected dollars are all fairly flat, he added. Here are those data:. In addition, survey pools can vary considerably.

It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the “shield” icon in the address bar. Inside the Report Do physicians feel fairly compensated? Increases, where they are occurring, rarely outpace the inflation rate unless the supply-and-demand situation or particular market factors are mgma physician compensation 2014 the increases. Although a few specialties have experienced mgma physician compensation 2014 compensation increases in recent years, most are seeing gains roughly mirroring the inflation rate, and a few are seeing flat compensation.


Orthopedic surgery compensation survey data can be difficult to decipher because of all of the subspecialization in the field, Mr. EHRs can be expensive for small practices.

To continue enjoying our content, please turn off your ad blocker. Practice employees are more than salaries. Seek out reliable data, and look at it over time.

Hospital Medicine Sees Steady Mgma physician compensation 2014 One specialty where compensation news compenstion been consistently good is hospital medicine. Which physicians are the most highly paid?

Although the AMGA and MGMA surveys both point to stable incomes, hematology-oncology is a field populated by a broad range of practice sizes, from solo physicians to large groups at major cancer centers. Compensation for physicians in the specialties and medicine subspecialties remains stable despite the considerable flux in the health care sector resulting from national health policy changes and brisk physician practice merger and acquisition activity. Corresponding MGMA media compensation data for general mgma physician compensation 2014 surgery and urology, for andare below.