3 Jun (8) Comisión Nacional Sobre Prisión Política y Tortura () Síntesis Informe, at page 7. (All quotations from the Comisión Report are. It looks like we don’t have any Awards for this title yet. Be the first to contribute! For guidance, please visit the Awards submission guide. Drama Informe Valech. 1h | Drama | Episode aired 30 August Season 2 | Episode 9. Previous · All Episodes (24) · Next · Informe Valech Poster.

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However, even informe valech Commissioners themselves raised the question of the meaning of writing inorme report thirty years after events informe valech. Three condemned agents died and six agents got conditional sentences.


informe valech Commission’s report pages 69 and 70, at www. Cases of torture in the streets or in vehicles were excluded.

Views Read Edit View history. The commission worked only informe valech office hours, forcing victims to ask their employer for permission to testify. Luego, Salas filma el relato de las pobladoras sobre el allanamiento y el arresto de los hombres.

Mediante el informe valech | Spanish Translator

This is not to say that there has been no movement at all on the issue. Nearly civilians disappeared during the period between and after being detained by informe valech Chilean military and police.

Ex-political prisoners informe valech that testimony from minors informe valech eighteen years of age was refused because it was impossible for them to recall exactly the details of the place and time where they had been tortured.

It also found that thirty informe valech “disappeared” or had been executed in addition to those recorded by the earlier Rettig Report. Of those, 24, were detained by Carabineros the Chilean police force for a informe valech of four and a half days.

Of those who were officially designated as victims of torture, the following statistics can be provided:. Critics of the Valech Report said that families were falsely claiming informe valech their relatives valecch informe valech during the — military informe valech, as there had been reports since that four people, listed as killed or missing, informe valech alive or had died in unrelated circumstances.


Register to save articles to your library Register. Let us remember that informe valech have received well-paid salaries and pensions over the last 30 years while victims have had to wait to receive informe valech symbolic reparation. Those cases where evidence was found of people being detained and tortured in police buses or other vehicles were accepted.

The majority 27, informe valech adults during detention however children were also registered as victims, these children were either born during imprisonment or detained with informe valech parents. Yet, with this Informe valech, the Comissioners propose that the silence of torture has ended. Eleven people were born in prison, and ninety-one underage children informe valech detained with their parents including four unborn babies ; these were not considered “direct victims”.


Most of the young adults belonged to political parties and acknowledged that they had also been trade union members. If an official body like this can not face truth as a whole, then who could? While some torture survivors infomre have the ability to make public their suffering, most will not. The same pattern appears to be repeated here. The Commission coordinated its work informe valech all regional and national organizations of former political prisoners, and human rights organizations, to help contact their members, and others to give testimony.

Informe valech child who was the result of a rape while in prison was also considered a “direct victim”. To engage in reconciliation, all individuals must have an awareness and understanding of different positions. Agradecemos a Alex Wilde por habernos indicado la existencia informe valech este sitio.

For instance, as far vaalech we have been informed 10 vwlech, in some countries only a few individuals gave their testimony to the Chilean Consulate while informe valech individuals collectively agreed not to engage with the process.

Informe Valech

Iinforme detailed above, a protective position for perpetrators and violating institutions has been set up. Informe valech were tortured in police stations, military installations, schools and hospitals, among other sites.


Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. En general, los hechos materia de informs informe no suceden, ni informe informe valech de suceder, ni cambian radicalmente, en una fecha informe valech. The decision to expose the Report on the internet will mean that those who read the findings will inevitably be those who are already working in human rights, academics, those who gave testimony, and so informe valech.

By using this site, you agree to the Falech of Use and Privacy Policy. Associations of ex-political prisoners have been denied access to the testimony. According to the associations of ex-political prisoners, the commission used a different definition of torture than valceh one accepted by the United Nations. The Chilean justice system holds open cases of “disappeared” persons, illegal detainees, and torture victims during the dictatorial rule.

Commission’s report pages 48 to 51, at www. The total vvalech of arrests was 34,; some people were detained multiple times. Retrieved 16 August Register to save articles informe valech your library Register. Switzerland and Argentina have recently refused to informe valech valedh ex-political prisoner to Chile, on the grounds that they might be subject to “mistreatment” in Chile. However, even the Commissioners themselves raised the question of the meaning of writing a report thirty years after events occurred.

Until Mayseventy-six agents had been condemned for human rights violations and sixty-seven were informe valech En el origen informe valech ese cambio hay un encadenamiento de hechos que se informe valech al arresto de Pinochet en Londres. These cases involve military and civilian personnel. Given the limitations on the Report, discussed above, we would argue that Chilean society still has some way to informe valecn before it could affirm such a informe valech.