to find deadlines and important dates for the pre-registration year on the key dates page. Forms and key dates . The registration assessment explained The registration assessment is one of the Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence · 5. The. Assessing your knowledge and competence You are assessed in two ways. 4. Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence.

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Examples of possible reference sources include: There will also be questions to test your number sense, but you are not allowed to use calculators for this paper.

See an example of the answer sheet Watch our video presentation on how to complete your answer sheet An example of a part one question is below: Video Register to Access Content: Our Health and Well-Being Today.

Pre-registration Manual Search Term. Guidance Register to Access Content: You will use only the reference sources provided in the resource pack.

8. Performance standards | General Pharmaceutical Council

Various Register to Access Content: NICE Evidence Services are for everyone working in health and social care who make decisions about treatments, interventions or prf use of resources.

Passing the assessment is part of the overall criteria for registration as a pharmacist. Understand the importance of continuous monitoring for adverse drug effects Know which type of situations should trigger a report through the Yellow Card scheme Be able to fill out a Yellow Card correctly Understand the importance of the information requested in a Yellow Card Know where to find up-to-date information on adverse effects of drugs Be able to use up-to-date information on adverse drug effects to make safe prescribing choices Source: Between 6 and 12 options will be provided.


You must bring one of these models: Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Module Register to Access Content: The pass mark for each part of the assessment is arrived at using an evidence-based standard setting process – a recognised method used by examination bodies to derive pass marks for papers in order to apply a set standard across sittings. One gohc on advertising directed at consumers while the other relates to advertising aimed at persons qualified to prescribe and supply PQPSand people working for them.

Pre-registration Manual

The new health and care system becomes fully operational from 1 April to deliver the ambitions set out in the Health and Social Care Act. It is made up of 40 calculation questions, and the time allowed to complete the paper is minutes 2 hours. Use the latest feedback documents below to pr you prepare for your attempt.

Learning points from the June registration assessment. These two assessment methods have been designed to complement each other and give a broader picture of your ability.

List Register to Access Content: There are six modules. This is to make sure that the assessment is fair and that the standard is maintained.


Pharmacy and Medical News. Pre-registration Manual The manual provides an overview of pre-registration training and the GPhC requirements for the training year. You should develop an action plan — including SMART objectives — to help you deal with your shortfalls against the performance standards.

Essential Resources and Documents for Pre-Reg Pharmacists | ResourcePharm

Medicines reconciliation Medicines reconciliation is an important practice that all healthcare organisations that admit adult inpatients should have policies in place for. Registration assessment changes Registration assessment Part one Maual One is the morning paper.

The registration assessment is in two parts. These performance standards describe ore you must be able to do and how you must behave in order to gain entry to the GPhC register. It is structured so as to be understandable to the non-specialist, and to act as a source of general information for everyone with a personal or professional interest in healthcare. We will allocate a provisional place at one of the assessment venues to all trainees who may meet the eligibility criteria to sit the assessment.

Re introductory handbook sets out a new paradigm for pharmacy practice.