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In addition to their focus on building “a world where many worlds fit”, the Zapatistas continue to resist periodic attacks.

Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Unfortunately, the political will of the federal government failed badly. Flag of the EZLN. Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes-Grijalbo, BeforeMarcos’ writings were often published in ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional Mexican and a few international newspapers.

The make-up of the juntas rotates every week, with representatives from different communities filling the role. The declaration for the conference designated this ejdrcito because of ” years since the invasion of ancient Indigenous territories and the onslaught of the war of liberacoon, spoils and capitalist exploitation”.


The EZLN has used technology, including cellular phones and the Internet, to generate international solidarity zapatist sympathetic people and organizations. The paramilitary strategy culminated in the assassination of 45 campesinos in ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional highland community of Acteal in December Nearly every Zapatista community currently has its own primary school.

Although the ideology of the EZLN reflects libertarian socialismparalleling both anarchist and libertarian Marxist thought in many respects, the EZLN has rejected [4] and defied [5] political classification, retaining its distinctiveness due in part to the importance of indigenous Mayan beliefs to the Zapatistas. Latin American Social Movements.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Los Sauces, Sicartsa, Atenco… falta lo que falta. They expected 1, international activists to attend the event, titled the Little School of Liberty. Contrainsurgencia, nacionak y antiterrorismo en los El ataque de los subversivos se cobra un balance de 57 muertos y 40 heridos.


The guerrillas enjoyed brief success, but the next day Mexican army forces counterattacked, and fierce fighting broke out in and around the market of Ocosingo. Tired of generations of abuse, mired in a crisis that combined land shortages with lack of economic opportunities, and seeing no political resolution, indigenous communities organized the Zapattista Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional EZLN in the mid s.

Festival Mundial de la Digna Rabia. Todas trabajan en un profundo misterio. The Zapatistas ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional themselves to the world on January 1,though the roots of the rebellion can be traced back years to the European invasion ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional the Americas.

Esteban Moctezumawith whom he had met three ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional earlier, the following message: Visit our new website for updated information. Over the years, the group slowly grew, building on social relations among the indigenous base and making use of an organizational infrastructure created by peasant organizations and the Catholic church see Liberation theology.

It means respect for traditions and customs usos y costumbres with decentralization of power to the community level.

Sections of this page. The declaration amounted to a declaration of war on the Mexican government, which they considered so out of touch with the will of the people as to make it illegitimate. Resultan heridos nueve soldados.

Muchos animales resultan muertos y algunas cosechas son destruidas. The Zapatistas’ response ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional the introduction of NAFTA init is argued, reflects the shift in perception taking place in societies that have experienced colonialism.

Cal y Arena, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Located in the highlands region of San Juan de la Libertad, it includes families from 26 communities.


Wjercito concept of autonomy is central to Zapatismo. A central element in the Zapatista concept of autonomy is the rejection of the “mal gobierno” bad governmentand this includes rejecting financial assistance from the government.

Making a ejwrcito position against the February 9 actions against Peace, Moctezumadefender of a political solution, ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional his resignation to President Zedillo, but the Zedillo refused to accept it. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Arturo Umberto Illia con 16 paginas.

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Zapatismo | Mexico Solidarity Network

Moved by Moctezuma’s ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional, President Zedillo abandoned the military ejercito zapatista de liberacion nacional in favor of the improbable task of restoring the conditions for dialog to reach a negotiation. A los ataques militares del EZLN, se sucedieron una serie de respuestas por parte de efectivos militares gubernamentales y de civiles armados y agrupados en fuerzas de autodefensa paramilitares con diverso grado de apoyo por parte de efectivos gubernamentales.

The Juntas govern under the mandate “mandar obedeciendo” lead by obeying. After consulting with their support base, the Zapatistas issued the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. Decisions in the coops are made by the members and income is distributed equitably. Reform of Article 27 was the most important of several hundred changes in constitutional and civil liberacon made by Mexico at the insistence of the United States in anticipation of the signing of NAFTA.