Carolina Maria de Jesu’s was a fiercely proud black Brazilian woman .. Alberto Moravia, preface to Carolina de Jesus, Quarto de Despejo (Milan: Valentino. By Carolina Maria De Jesus – Quarto de Despejo Diario de Uma Favelada ( ) [Paperback] [Carolina Maria De Jesus] on *FREE*. Subject: our research takes the book Quarto de despejo – diário de uma favelada , from Carolina Maria de Jesus. Published in by Francisco Alves, the work.

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Agora falar pra mim, que sou uma pobre lixeira. Her perspective is unreliable at best–she insists grown men and women are rude to her children for no reason “a man of 30 fighting a boy of 10,” carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo whatever the ages are, comes up a lotbut carollna the way Carolina acts with the people she lives near, I can understand why these hungry and angry people hate her.

Having not finished even a primary school education, this book is not woven together w A powerful book, written simply, concisely, and plainly. Um dia, um branco disse-me: I don’t know what else to say about this except that it’s a In high school, I’d sneak into the library at lunch or while skipping phys ed to read a few more pages of this book. Despejp was covering the opening of a carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo municipal playground and immediately following the ceremonies, a street gang moved in and claimed the area, chasing the children away.

Carolina Maria de Jesus was born in Minas Geraisa rural community where her parents were sharecroppers. Refresh and try again. Then she would have been no better than any of her neighbors, even while still looking down on them. To put that into context, at the time Carolina even rivaled book sales from fellow Brazilian author Jorge Amado. Lists with This Book.


It’s important to note that this was not her intention in writing the diary: I was amazed at how well carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo she was for having had only a 2nd grade education. We’ll provide a PDF copy for your screen reader. During the interview Vera clearly describes how her mother devoted herself entirely to her dream of becoming a writer, without the help of others.

Dde are some unfortunate aspects of this edition, though. Regardless of the reason, Carolina stayed true to her beliefs and would not submit to the way of life that the favela offered her.

A mother’s instinct warned Carolina that her daughter jesuz in trouble, and soon she made her way down to the river, rescuing her daughter from this stranger. kesus

Would she have run the risk of losing her children if she had? Nov 16, Hillary rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: However, throughout her life Carolina considered herself a devout Catholic. Go to Table of Contents. As the writer of her own history, a single mother, and black woman, she portrayed a reality that can still be seen carolinx. Fiquei conhecendo uma pretinha muito limpinha que falava muito bem.

carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo

I just don’t see it. Services on Demand Journal. It is a raw I know it is a classic, and I feel carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo her plight-but this was tough to get through. Letras de Hoje, Porto Alegre, v. Login via your institution.

However, photographs in the book show an orderly egree with nothing more threatening than standoffish spectators. She was an attractive young woman and had many love affairs, although she refused to marry, having seen too much domestic violence in the slum, and preferring to remain independent.


Although Carolina was a difficult person to live with, Vera stated “There is no one in the world I admire more than her. This book has allowed me to meet this remarkable woman and expand my view of history into the common everyday lives of ordinary people.

Carolina Maria de Jesus – Wikipedia

What if it had never happened? Carolina de Jesus afirma: The unadulterated matia of Carolina – single mother, paper gatherer, impoverished Sao Paolo favelado – speaks authentically of desperationa and hope tightly bound in a life mired in a socioeconomic hell. This came as a surprise to her town as well despeji the country. Carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo os outros elementos: In opposition, for the communist readers the stories depicted perfectly the fundamental flaws of the capitalist system where the worker is the most downtrodden part of the economic system.

Jul 15, Lilian rated it it was amazing. Before her publication all Carolina wanted was to have her writing noticed, but now she started to regret this decision.

Duas grandes mulheres e artistas: I don’t know that I carolina maria de jesus quarto de despejo necessarily recommend it to others — if you’re interested in an introduction to Brazilian slums, I think the movie “City of God” Cidade de Deus is a more compelling portrayal. She lacks almost any compassion for them and is constantly judging and insulting them. People interested in non fiction poverty books, books about Brazil, or literature by women of African descent would enjoy this book.