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When glycol powered pumps are used, a SDV should be located near the high pressure wet glycol outlet of the glycol contactor to shut off flow from the contactor and to shut down the pumps. Net Positive Suction Head NPSH As described on above paragraph, in order to ensure that suction conditions for a pumps are such that no vaporization occurs in the pump suction, there has to be sufficient suction pressure above the vapor pressure of buku pintar migas indonesia liquid, this is called NPSH available.

Buku pintar migas indonesia will give sufficient time for operator to do safe anticipations.

Regeneration Gas Knock Out Drum Regeneration Gas Knock Out Drum vertically orientation using horizontal wire mesh pad buku pintar migas indonesia used to separate free-water from the indonrsia gas used in Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit after the gas is used to regenerate heating phase the dehydrator and condensed in cooler.

The fluid is the n discharged from the centrifugal pump through discharge connection line. Equipment Protection Requirements ………………………………………….

This hold time can be reduced by using Length effective method as one of methods in sizing 3-phas separator buku pintar migas indonesia.

Buku Pintar MIGAS INDONESIA – Reservoir Engineering

Last, extreme noise abatement should be up to 30 decibels. Pumps are normally fitted with a valved vent and drain connection. When recycle line is used for capacity control, the recycle valve shall be capable of smooth control and for this reason an arrangement of two valves in parallel may be considered.


buku pintar migas indonesia

Pockets should be avoided as air and vapor can be accumulated in the pocket. DDiimmaannaa mmooddeell tteerrsseebbuutt ddiibbuuaatt ddaann ddiiaannggggaapp sseeppeerrttii kkeeaaddaaaann sseebbeennaarrnnyyaa, sseessuuaaii ddeennggaann ppaarraammeetteerr–ppaarraammeetteerr rreesseerrvvooiirr yyaanngg aaddaa, aattaauu aassuummssii–aassuummssii yyaanngg ddaappaatt ddiippeerrccaayyaa.

A PSV should be provided in the wet glycol low pressure discharge line of glycol powered glycol pumps buku pintar migas indonesia the discharge line is rated pintae than the maximum pump discharge pressure or discharge line has been protected by a PSV installed on a downstream equipment that can not be isolated buku pintar migas indonesia the pump.

Komunitas Migas Indonesia Swastioko Budhi Suryanto – Ketua Umum KMI.

In the buku pintar migas indonesia pumps installations, the suction line is a critical part. If maximum sealing effect is required, mechanical contact type seal may be considered, however, this type of seal shall not be specified for high temperature service. The check valve should be located on the pump discharge line to minimize backflow, upstream of block valve. In multi stage compressors, suction buku pintar migas indonesia also should be consider being as low as possible to prevent thermal stress complication which may influence to discharge temperature.

The pipeline is pigged using pig launcher which is designed buku pintar migas indonesia as pressure vessel. Temperature indicator should be installed and connected to control box where TSHH is installed to detect high temperature at discharge line. Volume bottle should be applied for pulsation damping. This indicator is connected to control box. Type of the separator is a three-phase separator and the gas and oil usually leave the vessel through the same outlet to be processed by other equipment.


The equipment to trap the slug and separate out the gas is called Slug Catcher.

Suction strainer shall be provided buku pintar migas indonesia safeguard the compressor from extraneous solid material buku pintar migas indonesia inside the machines, particularly during the first month of operation or after maintenance shutdown. A decrease of flow results in a decrease of discharge pressure. Boot should to ubku provided to collect water droplet separated from mixture fluid. This can be done by sloped down the installation of suction line is from the source to the suction pump.

For discharge line, sizing is determined by available head and economic considerations.

buku pintar migas indonesia for Android – 9apps

Buku pintar migas indonesia of view shall not only consider for compressor itself or compressor system, indoneesia also systems installed at upstream and downstream of compressor system, and not as isolated items or isolation scenario looking only at the compressor itself. This will cause accumulation at discharge line and then will result on overpressure. Diffuser construction is used to a limited extent in inxonesia high pressure, multistage machines. Pressure tapping might be provided across the strainer to enable fouling estimation.

PSL and PSLL sensors also can be not installed at discharge line if the pump buku pintar migas indonesia manually operated and continuously observed to prevent low pressure. A conventional test separator may be horizontal or vertical.

The time available and indonesiw possibility to take corrective action. Where leakage of liquid to atmosphere could endanger personnel due to toxicity.