Daniel Tammet FRSA (born 31 January ) is an English essayist, novelist, translator, and autistic 01 memoir, Born on a Blue Day, about his life with Asperger syndrome and savant syndrome, was named a “Best Book for Young Adults” in by the American Library Association Young Adult Library Services magazine. Born on a Blue Day has 16, ratings and 1, reviews. Daniel Tammet was born in a working-class suburb of London, England, on 31 January , /5(K). Born on a Blue Day: Book summary and reviews of Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet.

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He also experiences synesthesia, an unusual neurological syndrome that enables him to experience numbers and words as “shapes, colors, textures and motions. Customers who bought this item also bought.

By say this site, you agree to the Terms ob Use and Privacy Policy. Tammet’s move from being mostly unable to communicate effectively verbally, having no grasp of emotions, not getting things such as why it isn’t cool to just touch people when born on a blue day by daniel tammet want, and the like to signing up to be an international volunteer is one such gap. Unfortunately, he also has Asperger’s, so instead of serving up a boldly self-satirizing confessional, he subjects us to a robotic catalogue of chronologically ordered facts about his life, wholly devoid of emotional connection, thematic unity, narrative tension, and moral value.

Daniel Tammet FAQs Facts, Rumors and the latest Gossip.

Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. Chapter Nine, The Gift of Tongues. There is always a struggle between the savant side and the autistic side. He speaks near the end of the book of wanting to work closely with neuroscientists to figure out eaniel his mind works, and to help answer larger questions about synesthesia, savantism, learning, and the extent to which abilities like his may be latent in most people’s brains. Sponsored products related to this item What’s this?


Over the course of the book, the reader will see Daniel change from a clinical sounding young man into a passionate and loving adult. Published January born on a blue day by daniel tammet by Free Press born on a blue day by daniel tammet published Want to blitz body fat – and danel it fast? He also loves the quiet that envelopes the game room, allowing him to block out distractions.


Daniel Tammet is a savant. There is virtually nothing here that would interest a non-autistic person. Tammet is an interesting man. Here he explains how he does it, and how he is able to learn new languages so quickly, simply by absorbing their patterns. To me, every number is special. This unique first-person account offers a window into the mind of a high-functioning, year-old British autistic savant with Asperger’s syndrome.

He participated twice in the World Memory Championships in London under his birth name, born on a blue day by daniel tammet 11th in and 4th in Instead, most of danoel born on a blue day by daniel tammet is a slow sl I think I was expecting something different when I picked up this book and even after I had seen part of the movie that was made about Daniel Tammet’s life. He suggests that the brains of savants can, to some extent, be retrained, and that normal brains could be taught to develop some savant abilities.

Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Even so, this was not as bad as the chestnut collection that grew so large his parents feared it would come through the floor of his second-story bedroom. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Touching as vaniel as fascinating, Born On A Blue Day explores what it’s like to be special and in so doing gives us an insight into what makes us all human – our minds. At secondary school he was twice named Student of the Year.

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant Summary & Study Guide

More astonishing to me, in some ways, is his ability to learn a new language from scratch to fluency in a week. It fascinates me how brains of young childre I learned about this book from the author of Look Me in the Eye which was also written by an individual with Asperger’s.


It was intriguing, compelling, and absolutely fascinating how Tammet describes how his mind works. He raised money for the epilepsy foundation by memorizing a record breaking number of decimal place numerals for pi–over 20, Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

How does Daniel characterize his relationships with numbers, and how does it compare to his relationships with people?

But Tammet has thinking qualities that most of us cannot even imagine. Tammet additionally has tam,et, which vay he “sees” numbers and letters in colors and shapes. Byy I meet someone for the first time I often remember their name born on a blue day by daniel tammet the color of the word: Daniel Tammet has another form of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome. How can Daniel’s professional success be understood in light of his having grown up in a large family that required a great deal of him socially, despite his autism?

I expected his unique cognition would be illuminated through precise examples and that these would shed more light on cognitive psychology. But I began to worry that the entire book would o a loose collection of examples of synesthesia. View all 5 comments. Those sections also held some special interest for me, as another autistic person, because I could compare my development and experiences with his. A journey into one of the most fascinating minds alive today—guided by the owner himself.

His learning was enriched by a Daniel Tammet was born in a working-class suburb of London, England, on 31 Januarythe eldest of nine children.