I wish I had known years ago about Barbara Fredrickson In particular her theory that accumulating ‘micro-moments of positivity,’. 28 Jan That’s precisely what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, who has been explores in the unfortunately titled but otherwise excellent Love “Love ” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson. Michael Edwards 5 August Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can be a force for.

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Two people feeling positivity resonance will have synchronized releases of oxytocin, which makes them feel even better about each other. That’s what LKM is barbara fredrickson love 2.0 about. If we understand our experiences of connection and health and wisdom in terms of love and positivity, then we would build our institutions differently.

The major aims of this book are to explore love in terms of biology, emotional and interpersonal science and, to further demonstrate how love can expand our ways of perception and can ultimately improve rel The book has two parts: The other precondition is a real-time sensory connection, because so much of a shared positive emotional state requires a shared sensory experience — making eye contact, or through touch or shared voice, because so much emotional information is carried in the vocal tract.

Scroll To Top Love has been extolled in countless songs and movies. I enjoyed this book and will continue to try and use the associated online tools. In this case, the intention to love overrides the biology despite the care is not reciprocated. They do this first by opening you up: Maybe she will invent another term for those feelings, say, when barbara fredrickson love 2.0 loved one dies, or when you have to be far away for an extended period of time; she can keep it.

And if you mention love, many if not most people think of it in certain preconceived terms: We can discuss the hormones involved, the way positive emotions can be strengthened, the relation between barbara fredrickson love 2.0 and loving others.


Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Barbara fredrickson love 2.0 04, Angela rated it liked it.

Love by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D. |

Barbara fredrickson love 2.0 safeguards you from plunging into despair. You intuitively understand their unique perspective know just what they want and need, and how to best connect lovs them.

Yet your ability to share these good feelings with others is compromised. Fredrickson makes a compelling case for love being an action, with deep physiological effects most have never thought of. To access self-love, disengage from harshness in your self-talk, but not from reality. I’m clearly the one with the issue here.



The first part was great, with detailed info about the physiological aspects of love. Photo from Wikimedia commons. To find out more about this puzzle, I spoke to Barbara Fredrickson. I have been kicking around Buddhist circles for a long time, and I have subsequently been practicing LKM for years, and at times I actually really appreciate it.

On the upside, though, love is forever renewable. I am tempted to say barbara fredrickson love 2.0 there has not been a better book on love since the New Testament. We were born to loveshe writes, and the evidence comes from research that shows how our brains and nervous system were designed to enhance our chances of barbara fredrickson love 2.0 it. I just couldn’t connect with this book. Maybe I didn’t even like it at times.

Not only has Barbara Fredrickson dared to say that love is the most supreme among all emotions, barbara fredrickson love 2.0 she offers a wealth of scientific evidence and inspiring stories demonstrating that affective resonance is a key factor for our happiness and that of others.



It shields you from routine emotional blows and keeps you from crumbling into self-pity or otherwise becoming devastated by negativity. My question is how this applies to education and, more specifically, how a loving environment or an affective education program facilitates teaching and learning experience.


As these moments become more and more typical of your daily experience, they even alter the fundamental rhythms of your heart, increasing your vagal tone, resulting barbara fredrickson love 2.0 closer synchronicity between the actions of your heart and the actions of your lungs.

Research shows that barbara fredrickson love 2.0 imagining having a conversation with them is as good as actually talking with them.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

We continue to love our loved ones and feel their love even frerickson they are decreased. Love for Fredrickson is lovee more than momentary connection, so you can have episodes of love with your deli counter clerk, if you share a joke I just couldn’t connect with this book.

However, in my view, the book overemphasizes interpersonal physical connections and overlooks the spiritual source, intention or reasoning of love. Being able to see and appreciate others in their barbara fredrickson love 2.0 humanity is something that we get lulled out of by self-absorption or by our increasing reliance on technology. To ask fredricskon readers questions about Love 2. During the time I was reading this book, I read another self-help book that was published 50 years ago.

The Tree of Contemplative Practices.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. Many of her suggestions revolve around using loving kindness mediations—a Buddhist-based practice in which you send out positive wishes to yourself and people in your community, barbara fredrickson love 2.0 practices, or conscious focusing of your attention toward positive interactions with others. This has to do with our evolutionary conditioning. More meaning, more connection, more energy — more something.