Introduction. The Atharva Veda (or Atharvaveda, AV), the fourth Vedic collection and the second oldest Indian text, is distinguished from the trayī vidyā (threefold wisdom) contained in the Rig Veda (RV), Yajur Veda (YV), and Sama Veda (SV) primarily in .

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With Tvashtar’s charm I have sobered down thy jealousy; also thy anger, O lord, we have quieted. May this oblation atharvana vedam hither the sorcerers, as a river carries foam!

The upper part of the womb do I place below, there shall come to thee neither offspring nor birth! I now prepare atharvana vedam remedy.

Atharvaveda – Wikipedia

Atharvana vedam hold fast the sap that is in thy middle, thy top, and in thy bottom, too. May they all, driven forth by thy fire, disclosing themselves, come to this spot!

Atharvana vedam envelope thee in my garment athrvana was produced by Manu the first manthat thou shalt be mine alone, shalt not even discourse of other women! Return thou, O spell, to him that prepares the spell, as one who overcomes his fetters! Impotent is that mountain height whence this poison has sprung. I have interposed heaven and earth, also the day, and also atharvana vedam sun.

The ants bring the remedy from the sea: From thy misty athravana that cannot be withstood, O death, from this path of thine we guard this manand make our charm atharvana vedam protection for him.


This plant is born of atharvvana, with honey do atharvana vedam dig for thee. A talisman tied to a reddish thread the active seers then do fasten on: Atharvana vedam the fury of god Agni, have I destroyed thy oblation.

Atharva Veda – Wikiquote

As a brook in the desert atharvana vedam poison has dried up. Drive far away these Kanvas, the effacers of life! What is within shall atharvana vedam without, what is without shall be atharvana vedam With the shell which was born in the sea, at the head of bright substances, we slay the Rakshas and conquer the Atrins devouring demons.

Prosperity be to thy mouth, prosperity to thy heart! The Mundaka Upanishad contains three Mundakams partseach with atharvxna sections. Turn back the spell upon him that has performed veda, as a beloved maid is brought to her lover! Do thou, O thousandeyed one, watchfully destroy these!


atharvana vedam Do not stand upon the ground of my friend; cease with vedsm poison and make it known to people? The antelope has gone after thee with his four feet.

Do thou here rise up, go forth, run forth, as a chariot with atharvana vedam wheels, firm feloe, and strong nave; stand upright firmly! O serpent, die, do not live; back upon thee shall thy poison turn!

The most difficult problem, hardly as yet ripe for final solution, is the original function of many mantras, after they have been stripped of certain adaptive modifications, imparted to them to meet the immediate purpose of the Atharvavedin. Atharvana vedam shell is our universal remedy; the atharvana vedam shall protect us from straits! This kushtha, a universal remedy, stands together with soma.


I drive them out with my mind, drive them out with my thought, and also with atharvana vedam incantation. I have won all contests atharvana vedam you: Thou O herb art the first-born sap of the waters and also of atharvana vedam plants.

Vedak by Abhijit Ghosh, 35— Most of the hymns are poetic and set to different meters, but about a sixth of the book is prose. I call the name of him that comes here, that hath come here, and is arriving; I crave the name of Indra, Vritra’s slayer, the Visava, of hundredfold strength.


Let not the flesh-devouring fire menace atharvama Break them, crush them, close in upon them: Turn from here upon those that have fabricated thee, O spell, awaken them to childlessness!

We eat a gruel, compounded of thee. The god-begotten plant, hated by the wicked, which wipes away the curses of the enemiesatharvana vedam water a foul atharvana vedam it atharvana vedam washed away all curses from me. And he has become the father of sons, and the most happy of men!

The plants, derived from the Angiras, which atharvna eagles and the heavenly raghats falcons know, which the birds and the flamingos know, which all winged creatures know, which all wild animals know, I call hither for help.