This Standard specifies safety requirements for electrical installations in areas where it is intended that low-voltage medical electrical. Incorporating Amendment No. 1. Australian/New Zealand Standard. Electrical installations—. Patient areas. Superseding AS/NZS A. AS/NZS , Electrical installations—Patient treatment areas of protected electrical areas is set out in AS/NZS , Guide to the safe.

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Ignore or disallow use of the associated report form Appendix G. Combines these two labels saved cost and effort. RCD protected labeling not required.

New standard is not retrospective: Earth pins of socket-outlets accessible below 2.

Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations: Test & Certification

Burning, denervation and possibly nza fibrillation may occur depending on the magnitude and path of the current. Assumes this sticker relates to certification of the original installation.

Dedicated circuit protected by LPD required for socket-outlets used for medical electrical equipment.

Circuit may supply many patient areas. Potential difference to EP 0303 Hospital must control leakage currents when assembling trolley- mounted medical electrical systems. Neo natal ICU Level 3.

Was not a legal requirement when first published in Electrical installation work includes: The possibility of macroelectrocution is exacerbated with the application of medical electrical equipment when: Accident and emergency wards. Safe equipment application needed: Other socket-outlets to be protected by 30 ma RCD. EP terminals no longer required in CPAs. Fixed electrical equipment in the patient environment.


AS/NZS 3003:2011 Electrical installations  Patient areas

Ed 3 of the parent standard published in December Maximum field strength and test methods are specified for locations intended for ECG monitoring and recording. Not required in MRI rooms. Operating theatres for cardiac and thoracic surgery. Prior to new work: Time line leading to the publication of Ed 3: Where the walls of a BPA are incomplete e. Can be outside a BPA if located aa 15 m. RCDs must now be: Outpatient departments for diagnostic ECG.

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Body/Cardiac Protected Medical Installations

Facility management must ensure magnetic fields are reduced to acceptable levels when specifying the wiring of such locations. Person and organization that carried out the required certification of: Ed 2 of IEC published in Final sub-circuits may only supply one BPA and its ensuite.

Person and organization that carried out the required certification: Contractor must arrange compliance testing. Became a requirement of hospital building contracts.


Fixed means secured, attached or connected by conduit, metal pipe- work, duct, bolt, 300, clip, other fastening device or fixed wiring. It is unclear why these requirements do not apply in locations such as: Still required in each CPA. Patient ensuite bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets …?

Test 1 – verify protective earthing of socket-outlets and fixed Class I electrical equipment. Capable of being reached quickly and without climbing over or removing obstructions, standing on a chair or using a ladder, and Not more than 2 m above the ground, floor zns platform.

Reticulated plumbing in at least one patient location.

LPD protection and EP earthing of socket-outlets outside patient areas: Legal questions may need to be discussed with a state electrical authority or a lawyer. Transformer isolated supplies Installation prospective hazard current LIM alarm – resistive and capacitive, balanced and unbalanced faults. CPAs Circuits must not supply: Must still be protected by an LPD.

Excessive requirements in the edition of the standard.